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1 Forum Rules on Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:28 am

Anyone who has been part of a forum before knows that every good forum needs some rules and guidelines. Listed before are the rules and guideline for this forum.

1. Rate your stories accordingly

Please make sure when you are posting your stories you are labeling them accordingly. Due to different ages and interests it would greatly benefit everyone if you make sure to post the rating so that people don't have to question it, and stop reading a story if the rating makes them uncomfortable. If you are unsure what to rate your story check out our rating system or ask a staff member.

2. Respect other members

No name calling; no bashing another member. Just be kind to one another. If you don't like someone's story stop reading it, don't post something rude. Although constructive criticism is allowed as long as it doesn't get to be rude and offensive.

3. No spamming

Anything post that is just one word or an emoticon is considered spam. Excessive posting to raise post counts is also considered spam. Anyone caught spamming will receive the proper warnings.

4. Don't steal others work

If you are posting a story that is not your own and taking credit you will be banned. If you are writing a story that was posted in the challenge board please credit the appropriate person in your stories summary. Any plagiarizing will lead to said member being banned.

5. One account per member

There is no need for more than one account per person. Anyone found making multiple accounts will have all accounts other than their original one banned.

6. No offensive language

Due to various ages, races, and cultures that may be joining our community, please keep yourselves in check. I know everyone has a tendency to swear, but as long as it's not aimed at a person in an offensive way there should be no issue.

7. Signatures must be kept at a reasonable size.

If you signature exceeds 600widex400long, you will receive a warning and have 24 hours to remove it. If you chose to ignore the warnings, your signature may be removed for you.

8. Personal Information

For the safety of all members, please remember that giving out any information, such as your location, last name, date of birth, etc. can be very dangerous, so don't give that out.

9. Icon Size

When adding your icons, you can make them as big as 150x150; any bigger and it will be re-sized to the proper size.

More rules may be added if needed.

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